About Jamie

Hello and welcome to my CBD Oil Real Reviews website. I have spent my adult life working for physicians and surgeons and loved seeing improvements in the health and well-being of many patients. Even with my exposure to medicine I always felt there were some Natural remedies out there for prevention and to treat some everyday problems. In 2005 I started researching natural alternatives and it quickly becomes a hobby of mine. My research has led me to CBD Oil and other CBD products on many occasions. The power of CBD Oil has amazed and impressed me and I want to share what I have learned in hopes to help others.

A Little Story On My Quest For Natural Remedies

In 2005 I was 35 years old, healthy as a horse and had a great career managing a large medical practice. One day I received a call from my grandmother. She was in her 80s and her physical health was deteriorating due to degenerative arthritis. She called me up after reading an article on a “Miracle Cure” to help with her pain and was asking me to “Use the Internet” to see what I could find out.

My grandmother’s ailments were due to arthritis and her only option by this time was hip surgery. Sad to say the “Miracle Cure” she was looking for couldn’t help her condition. What I did discover while researching for her “Miracle Cure” astounded me.

I was active, healthy, and had no medical issues. I had no remedies to seek out for myself at that time. I learned that common herbs could reduce inflammation. I learned that a diet high in antioxidants can help with inflammation, prevent cancers, and reduce the effects of aging. I knew I could never stop seeking medical help when needed but it was so nice to know I could make changes in my diet and greatly reduce the need of needing a doctor in the future. I put steps in place to slow down the effects of aging.

For ten years I incorporated high antioxidants and organic fruits and vegetables to my diet. I was healthy and youthful and wanted to remain healthy and youthful. Then around 2015 I started reading about cannabinoids. Now I always heard about Medical Marijuana so I assumed this was the same. This stuff sounded too good to be true and also sounded highly illegal.

Fast Forward to 2018…

Although I have heard about the benefits of CBD Oil I was reluctant to try it. Would it show up on a blood test and cost me my job? I’m approaching 50 years old, and while I’m very healthy I do have some aches and pains. Recently I have been dealing with a stiff and painful shoulder. I travel to Atlanta Labor Day weekend to visit my cousin who is a Registered Nurse. I complain about my shoulder and she says “Here, try this, just put a few drops under your tongue”. She hands me CBD Oil and tells me to try it for the 3 days I’m there. I put this under my tongue just to please her. I really didn’t think this stuff would work. Then again that night I put more drops under my tongue. I wake up the next morning and still have a painful shoulder. I continue with the drops on Saturday and Sunday and still have a painful, stiff shoulder. I wake up Monday morning and roll over. I immediately notice no pain. Of all the Natural Remedies I’ve tried over the years, never had I had results like this. While drinking the morning coffee my cousin asks how is my shoulder. I said “Well I hate to admit it but the really stuff works…… now I need to get some!”.


Now Which Oil To Buy?

I start buying my CBD Oil from my cousin. She swears her product is the best. I ask her questions what others have she tried and she said “none”. So my personal research has begun! So many oils, so many ingredients… Is there a better oil out there? I’m going to find out!

I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned in my quest of finding a complete, effective, and affordable CBD Oil.

All the best,

Jamie L.