Are The Best CBD Oils US Hemp Authority Certified?

How do you know that you are buying one of the Best CBD Oils? Quick Answer: When the CBD Company you buy it from is U.S. Hemp Authority Certified!

What is the US Hemp Authority?

The US Hemp Authority was created and is funded by the US Hemp Roundtable and joined by organizations and leading firms along with top-tier testing laboratories. They provide education and guidance for growers and processors of hemp.

In an effort to deter companies from creating inferior oils to cash in on the CBD Oil craze and to protect consumers, the Hemp Growers along with the US Hemp Roundtable and other leading firms and organizations have created a strict standard of guidelines to grow and produce high-quality CBD. To be US Hemp Certified you must pass a third-party stringent audit. Each Company (Companies currently include Growers, Processors/Manufacturers, and Brand Owners) has to pay for their own audits in hopes they can become certified. These audits don’t come cheap. It is around $1375 for 8 hours of audits. Once they pass the audit they have to pay for the license to proudly display their US Hemp Authority Certification. The license itself is several hundred dollars. This must be performed yearly to keep their certification.

How Does This Program Make Sure We Consume a High-Quality Oil?

One thing is for sure, Genetically engineered (also known as genetically modified) hemp and products manufactured with genetically engineered hemp are prohibited from Certification. Also, no synthetic and bio synthetic cannabinoids, as well

as cannabimimetic phytochemicals in lieu of hemp-derived cannabinoids, are prohibited from certification.

Let’s face it, it will take years before the FDA will put guidelines on the hemp industry. It’s an exciting time for hemp growers and the consumers who are getting results from CBD. The US Hemp Authority is making sure there are regulations in place and giving growers the guidance and comfort of growing and producing a safe product. They are also making sure that consumers are getting the quality CBD they expect and the peace of mind that they are consuming something safe. Products like this is where the FDA falls short. The US Hemp Authority will certify the growers, train them to self-regulate and protect the consumers until the FDA steps up and starts regulating CBD standards.

Marielle Weintraub, PhD, president of the U.S. Hemp Authority, said, “Consumers need to be able to tell who the good guys are — who’s doing their best to make sure the product is safe,”

What does the US Hemp Authority do with the licensing money?

They put every penny back into the program. CBD is ever evolving and the US Hemp Authority will be able to stay ahead of the market and make sure future products are safe for consumers. Even the Board Members serve the program pro bono. They are not compensated in any way for their board service.

Conclusion-Don’t Be Fooled

So the US Hemp Authority is putting standards and expectations in place until the FDA gets with the program and recognizes the CBD Benefits and provides proper over site and regulations. This may take several years if it even gets on the FDA to-do list. In the meantime the FDA will go after those CBD sellers that make claims of healing or cures and continue supporting the pharmaceutical companies and those who will strive to make a synthetic CBD derived drug.

Don’t be fooled by companies that may try to put the US HEMP AUTHORITY CERTIFIED Logo on their bottles. When looking for a high-quality CBD Oil that has strict standards from the seed to the bottle always double check and verify that the company is on their website at .  If you have any questions or would like me to research and verify a product for proper certification please leave a comment and I’ll get you the information you need.