Happy Independence Day 2020! Your NEW NORMAL!

This has been an especially challenging year for all of us. What can show your independence more than being your own boss of your own company? Forbes predicts the CBD oil company will reach $20 Billion by 2024! Get on the ground floor of the CBD Revolution! Now is the time to create your “New Normal”.

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True Independence

In today’s “New Normal” many of you are unemployed while the country tries to manage a pandemic. Many others are in a dead end job and can barely make ends meet. Chances are there will be more pandemics in the future. Instead of worrying about beating the streets to find a new job or working for an ungrateful boss that is making money off of your hard work, how about creating YOUR very own “New Normal” and being truly Independent!

Alarm Clock Rings….

It’s 5am and your alarm clock rings. You have to get out of bed and go to your dead end job. Deep down you know you have potential to create something big but you don’t know where to start. No time for that now… you have to get to work!

You jump out of bed…

…and try to find something to wear. You jump in the shower and have to get the kids ready for school. No time for coffee so it goes in a mug to drink on your way to work. You fight through traffic and are running late for work. You notice your low fuel light comes on and getting gas will only make you later.

You get to work and clock in to your job…

You are given demands, deadlines, and go to meetings. All of this so the guy at the top can make money and go on vacations while you are left behind running the business while he makes the big bucks. Your boss looks at his monthly reports and his income dropped and now you have to work harder, come up with new ideas how he can make more money and you do all the work.

After a long stressful day you are rewarded by more traffic, horns honking and having no time to relax once you get home. You have dinner to cook, a home to clean, and get to bed in time to start this madness all over again in the morning…

Imagine Your “New Normal”…

Imagine your “New Normal”. The sunlight is beaming through the window and wakes you up.  Birds are chirping and you thank God for a beautiful morning. You scratch your head and enjoy a nice long stretch to start your day.

As your kids get ready for school you sit down and sip your coffee. You drop the kids off and you have to start your workday. Once you get home you enjoy a second cup of coffee while you sit on the couch and open up your laptop. You respond to a few emails, you update your blog and read the latest article on the benefits of CBD oil and reach out to your contacts.

Checking your bank account and a smile grows on your face.  During the night more money has been deposited in your account. You are beginning to like the “New Normal”.


I want nothing more than for you and your family to enjoy your Independence Day 2020 while you imagine your “New Normal”. I want to help you build your very own team and help you create your “New Normal”. Reach out to me if you want to create your new normal and if you have any questions.

Happy July 4th and stay safe! In God We Trust!

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