Pure CBD Oil sounds so simple. You may ask yourself “Isn’t all CBD OIL Pure?”. The answer is Yes and No. Pure CBD Oil is a claim most companies advertise. They all contain Pure CBD but what about the oil?

We know that Cannabidiol (CBD) is an element of the cannabis plant and has generated a lot of interest in recent years. CBD works in the body on a molecular level through multiple molecular pathways. CBD works by passing through cell membranes with the help of fatty acid binding protein (FABP) and the fatty acid takes the CBD into the cell walls. The FABP assures better absorption of the CBD. This is where the oil comes in.

Read my full article HERE where I go into detail what is CBD and the different oils used.

Aren’t They All Pure?

If you read the article you learned that CBD needs a fatty acid so it can break into the cell walls. So it’s the oil that allows the CBD to do it’s thing. Most any oil can be used. As you shop for CBD Oils read the ingredients. Does the oil have Sunflower Oil? Does it contain Olive Oil? One of the most popular oils these days is MCT oil. This is touted as being a healthy easily absorbed oil.

MCT oil (medium-chain triglycerides) is usually made from coconut or palm kernel oil. Both have MCT in them. In fact, you can buy 100% MCT oil or a mixture of MCT and LCT (Long-chain triglycerides). The way we get MCT oil from coconut or palm kernel oil is through a process called fractionation. This separates the MCT from the original oil and concentrates it. MCT has some health benefits and some nutritional value but full research has not been conducted on all the benefits or risks.

What I take from this is they use PURE coconut (which is a healthy PURE oil) or palm kernel oil (another natural PURE Oil), then they perform the fractionation process which extracts the pure part out and leaves the MCT part in. This process turns it into a synthetic, man-made processed oil. So this isn’t pure at all!

HempWorx to the Rescue!

HempWorx is the #1 selling CBD brand for a reason. Hempworx approach CBD with care, consciousness, and cutting-edge science every step of the way, leaving no room for error – or unnecessary ingredients.

  • American-farmed hemp
  • Rigorous lab testing at multiple stages
  • No GMOs, synthetics, or fillers
  • Highest quality carrier oils

So we know CBD comes from the Hemp plant’s stalks, leaves, and stems. Hemp Seed Oil comes from the seed of the Hemp Plant. HempWorx is one of few companies that chooses to use 100% hemp derived CBD and Oil. The Hemp Seed oil is extracted and not processed or fractionated. Although MCT oil has beneficial compounds, HempWorx chooses to use hemp seed oil as the carrier oil in their CBD tinctures so you’re getting a PURE hemp extract made from the entire plant.

What Factors Should Be Considered When Buying CBD Products

Quality — Look for the highest quality raw materials and extraction methods.

Ingredients- HempWorx Natural Flavor CBD Oil only has 2 ingredients!  100% Hemp Oil and CBD, THAT’S IT!

Farming — Make sure the products you choose are from domestic hemp farms with agricultural quality standards and lab results on their batches.

Proven Results — Choose a company like HempWorx that backs the effectiveness of their products with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Hemp products sold in stores are not always made with high quality ingredients and may contain only trace amounts of CBD. HempWorx Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, however, is extracted from the female flower of specifically selected hemp cultivars, offering consistency and quality in the contents of our oil. Plus, every batch of our CBD products are tested for purity to validate the amount of CBD.

How Do We Know It’s Good?

We know it’s good because every batch of product produced gets sent out for Third-Party testing before they pick, pack, and ship product to the end user. This is the HempWorx commitment to you. A product you can count on each and every time. In addition, HempWorx is U.S. Hemp Authority Certified. In an effort to deter companies from creating inferior oils to cash in on the CBD Oil craze and to protect consumers, the Hemp Growers along with the US Hemp Roundtable and other leading firms and organizations have created a strict standard of guidelines to grow and produce high-quality CBD. To be US Hemp Certified you must pass a third-party stringent audit. HempWorx proudly displays this certification on every bottle they sell.

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Hundreds of company claim they sell Pure CBD Oil. Only HempWorx can prove this with their 3rd party laboratory testing. In order to carry the U.S. Hemp Authority Certification stringent standards must be met from the farm to the bottle. So if you are looking for a Pure 100% Hemp Oil CBD product you have come to the right place.

12 thoughts on “Pure CBD Oil- Aren’t they all pure?

  1. Hey Jamie, thanks for shedding some light on this matter. I think not many people know about what makes a CBD oil worth it to buy and get.
    My brother buys and uses CBD oil to help with his pain tolerance (he broke his arm playing soccer) but when I asked him whether he knew how to find a reputable and trustworthy company selling CBD products – I realized he didn’t know much about the science behind it.

    He hasn’t been using Hempworx yet but I’m sure to forward this article to him.
    Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Hi there. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. Please have your brother reach out with any questions. We ship internationally and if he is by chance in the USA I can send him a free sample to try.
      Stay Healthy!

      Jamie L.

  2. I’m wary of any product that uses palm oil, known as “tree lard” in some circles. Yes, it’s a natural product but it’s bottom-rung stuff. And the farming of palm trees is bad for climate change.

    Hemp really is a wonder plant. Shame that being part of the cannabis family has meant that its use has been banned in many countries despite the various uses to which it can be put.

    Makes sense that Hempworx would use oil derived from another part of the plant to help with the delivery of CBD into cells. It’s also great to see that there’s no GMOs in the chain.

    Do you know if they ship internationally?

    1. Hi, thanks for the comment….I agree with Palm Oil. I didn’t want to get to political but that product doesn’t replenish itself and it is killing so many wildlife including gorillas. Harvesting Palm Oil is horrible to the earth!
      Yes we do ship internationally! Let me know what country you are in and I can tell you what we can ship. If you go to https://www.mydailychoice.com/corp/hempWorx/?enroller=Jascolong and click the shopping cart in the top right it will ask you shipping country. It will then show you the products available in that country. I can provide a more accurate list if needed.
      Thank you again for the great comments. Please reach out with any additional questions.
      Stay Healthy!
      Jamie L.

  3. Deciding on which brand of CBD can be a costly and lengthy process especially as there are so many CBD manufacturers out there.

    The amount of multi-level-marketing businesses that have been born because of CBD would appear to be endless nowadays, and most of them are just not worth going anywhere near.

    I know that HempWorx does appear to be one of the better MLMs but the products are still expensive.

    I guess then that you would recommend Hempworx and can you tell me if your recommendation is based on usage.

    I myself have never tried CBD, but if I was to try it then it would definitely be CBD oil coming from the hemp plant

    Thank you, Jamie, for sharing this informative post.

    1. Hi, and thank you for the comments. The answer to your question is YES I use CBD daily. I thought CBD was all hype. I had ‘frozen shoulder’ and actually thought I needed surgery. I had trouble dressing myself. I visited my cousin who told me to try CBD. I tried it just to shut her up. I took it as she suggested twice a day for the weekend I was there. On Monday Morning I woke up and she asked me how my shoulder was. I then realized I slept all night, woke up to no pain, and was almost embarrassed to admit that this potion of hers worked! HempWorx may be considered pricey but you get what you pay for. Online I see some products that are twice the price of HempWorx and then others that are $20 cheaper. With the pain I was in daily with my shoulder and not having the use of my arm I would have paid $300 if I knew I was going to get the results. But thankfully I got by with paying only $69. In regards to the MLM model it is 100% free. HempWorx pays back 80% of the CBD prices to their affiliates in commission and bonus. In addition, a customer can receive the same wholesale prices as an affiliate and if they refer they can receive free products. It’s a win win if you are an affiliate or a preferred customer.
      I hope this helps. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Hi Jamie.Thank you a lot for your post about the HEMPworx. I agree completely that it might seem that all of the CBD products are pure. I think it comes due to the fact that many still just wonder what CBD actually is, don’t you think? You made it very clear with your other article and I am sure many people will benefit from this info. I am interested in one thing though, How would you suggest someone check the quality of the product before buying and without testing?

    1. Hi, thank you for the comment and great question! Without knowing if it were tested, I would first start with reading the label. If it says it is 100% hemp oil and no other ingredient then chances are there is no CBD at all in the product. CBD may be listed as CBD or a Hemp EXTRACT. It is rare to find but also if there is the U.S. Hemp Authority Certification label that is a sure sign you have a quality product.

      I hope this helps. Please reach out if you have any other questions. If you are in the USA I can send you a free sample too! Let me know.
      Stay Healthy!
      Jamie L.

  5. Hey Jamie. An interesting article. With the market continuing to open up, are you of the view that testing and regulations are in step with demand? Buyer beware as they say but I’m sure there will be many customers that do not appreciate what they are buying. Are 3rd Party tests and certifications required on all products?

    1. Hi and thanks for the comment. There is actually no regulations that I know of, but Hempworx works hard to have a quality product and to remain U.S. Hemp Authority Certified so each batch is tested. When you receive your bottle it will have a lot number on the bottle. Hempworx website has a lot number lookup and you can see the results of the exact batch you have in your bottle!
      Great comment! Thanks! Stay Healthy!
      Jamie L.

  6. Hey Jaime, really great post man. I have been interested in CBD for some time due to its health benefits as well I hear it helps with sleeping?

    I did not know about the oil portion, really wild to hear that other companies use different oils to mix with the CBD. I just figured all CBD was converted into the oil not mixed with it. You learn something new every day I guess lol!

    Really cool that HempWorx makes their oil from the seed. Makes sense to me.

    Thanks again man. Cheers

    1. Hi Rob, thanks for the comment. I’m so confident this will help with your sleeping that I can send you a free sample (if you are in the USA). Let me know if you would like to try. And yes, Hempworx is 100% hemp derived. Our Natural Flavor only has 2 ingredients! Hemp Oil and CBD and nothing else!
      Stay Healthy!
      Jamie L.

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