What To Do While Stuck Inside

Life is an adventure and you are always on the go and you are never home. Then in the blink of an eye our world has changed.


You are out of work and you start wondering how to survive and what to do while stuck inside. You have an interest or better yet something you are passionate about. You discover when you are working on your passion that it is more fun than work. If you have two weeks to be self quarantined then you have more than enough time to start a business, create a website, and have a road map to create income for the rest of your life. And all the time you are focused on your passion and enjoying every moment. My story started 6 weeks ago with a not so different stuck inside scenario. Let me share with you how I spent my time.

New Years 2020

I decided to stay in this year. I spent New Years at home wondering if this was going to be my last New Years. You see, I was an active, healthy 50 year old male with a great job, great friends, full of life and in exactly 2 weeks I will be having open-heart surgery. I knew if there were no complications that I would make it to see New Years 2021 but I had a long road ahead. I am glad to say that surgery went even better than planned and 8 days later I was sent home to recuperate for many months.


Less than two weeks later I watched enough Disney + and Netflix and couldn’t take it anymore. I was scrolling through my social media and came across one of those “Too Good to Be True” commercials where the guy is walking through his mansion explaining how 6 months ago he was working in a coffee shop, living in a box, was $50,000 in debt, and now he makes $20 bazillion dollars a month working his online program.

Now I’m just an average guy but I have a little common sense. I knew it was too good to be true so I started searching for the guys name and prove to myself that he was a scam artist. Well, I never proved he was a fake, but in the meantime I found another “Too Good to Be True” company called Wealthy Affiliates.

Introducing Wealthy Affiliates…

I read a review and instantly knew it was legitimate. The review was not another get-rich-quick dog and pony show. It talked about joining a community, participate in some trainings, create an income, and the community will support you and help you build your business along the way. Yes it sounded too good to be true but at the same time I was told I would have to work at it. The review sounded genuine. Something deep inside told me it was exactly what I was looking for. I immediately signed up with Wealthy Affiliates (which is free). I had no idea how to start a website, create a website, or whatever you have to do to have a website so I knew I needed the training with all the bells and whistles. I immediately joined Premium status membership. Once I joined I was welcomed by several people just like me. We all had a passion and wanted to express ourselves and if we made a few dollars along the way it would be great.

This Platform was different…

Step one was to set your goals. That was a great start! Another training was on how to find your niche. This is where you tap in and rediscover your passion. It can be anything. It was fun trying to think of what my niche would be and what I enjoy. What would your niche be? Do you enjoy cooking? Scrapbooking? Sports or Automotive? Fashion? Computer? Do you have an idea of a business and don’t know where to start? I’m telling you that you can’t pick a wrong niche. Then I noticed during the training that I was actually starting my business and creating my website as I went along. It did not seem like work and I was enjoying every minute! Here I was, stuck at home recuperating from surgery, being productive, and interacting with a group of people with the same goal. I was so focused on creating my future I forgot I was even sick!

I “worked” hard every day. Remember, I was following my passion and it didn’t seem like work. Each day I participated in the training and building my foundation and was inspired more each day. Before I knew it I had a website. Then I discovered my website was indexed on Google (you will learn this is a HUGE deal). I had lots of comments on my first page and people were really interested. When I received my notification that Google indexed my website I sat back and thought “This was the most fun 8 DAYS of my life!” It was that quick!

During the 8 days I learned about affiliate marketing. I learned that you can make money from Best Buys, Amazon, and most any other company out there. If your niche was cooking, is there a cooking product on Amazon you can mention and recommend? If so you can make commission. Was your niche Automotive? Refer your fans to a new car wax at Auto Zone and you’ll make commission. The best part is it is 100% free to create affiliate accounts with retailers.


To sum it up I was ‘self quarantined’ recuperating from surgery just weeks before this “Social Distancing” movement. In just over 1 week I learned about affiliate marketing, discovered my passion and decided on my niche. Then I created my website from the ground up and have cultivated new friendships in a community that truly cares about the success of one another.

Not once did I mention to you about my investment and how expensive all this was. Well, Wealthy Affiliates, your first website, enough training to get you started and the support of the community is all free! Everything I accomplished you could do under the free membership. I chose to invest in myself and learn all I could.

Here is a run down of my expenses:

  • 1st month of Wealthy Affiliates Premium was $19 ($49.00 per month thereafter)
  • $13.99 for my very own website (1 year renewable)
  • Training programs and special webinars on Pinterest (Free)
  • All the tools needed to create and design your website (Free)

This website you are on, which includes information on my CBD Oil niche, was all for $34.99. Like I said, you follow a training that is easy to understand and you are building your own website as you go along. If something doesn’t immediately ‘click’ with you, the community is there to look at your progress, critique your work, give you pointers, suggestions, and how-to short cuts.

I suggest during this social distancing to rediscover your passion and find a niche. From there your passion will fuel you to create a website that could potentially create an income that will grow month after month and will leave you financially secure for when the next pandemic hits.

To find out more click HERE and go to Wealthy Affiliates and look around.  Please leave a comment below if you have any questions.  Good luck and hold on for the ride of your life!