Where To Buy CBD Gummies and Oil?

You have completed your research and realize the benefits of CBD Oil and you want to buy CBD Gummies, CBD Oil, or a new CBD topical. Maybe a fruity gummie chew sounds more appealing than mint or natural flavor drops under your tongue. Maybe your dog needs some relief that CBD can give.  Maybe a family member suffers from the pain of arthritis or the stresses of their job. In each of these scenarios CBD may help give relief.

Know What You are Getting!

CBD is everywhere these days! Everyone wants to profit from the CBD craze. You can find CBD products on Amazon, eBay, or other shopping networks. CBD Pop-Up stores are on every corner. Vape Stores, Gas Stations, Pharmacies and Department stores now have displays of CBD Products. Some of these are great affordable ways to try the product but please make sure you know what you are getting. Does the company have a risk free money back guarantee?  Some companies are confusing customers and selling Hemp Seed Oil which has very little, if any CBD in it. Refer back to my article “What is CBD Oil and How Does it Work” so you know what to look for in a quality CBD Oil. Don’t be fooled by some of these clever marketing schemes.

Buy Direct

Did you know that some reputable companies offer discounts directly through their websites? Some will give huge discounts when bought in bulk. Some may even give a free bottle of CBD Oil if you refer a number of people or offer 6 to 30% commission through their affiliate programs when you refer others. Find which method or company is best for you. You may save lots of money buying the CBD that you need.


More and more CBD stores and CBD displays are popping up everywhere.  It seems as if everyone is trying to get in on the CBD Oil business.  In recent months I have found entire stores dedicated to selling CBD Oil and products.  Many of these stores are not dedicated to a specific brand and sell several brands of similar products.  I have also found that they sell many different kind of tinctures and some don’t even contain CBD.  Before purchasing from a retail store be sure you are buying a high-quality CBD oil.

Some questions to ask is:

  • What carrier oil is used in the CBD Oil?
  • Do they have a risk free money back guarantee?
  • Is the CBD Oil Full Spectrum or Isolate?
    • Isolate only contains CBD
    • Full Spectrum contains more CBD, terpenes, and fatty acids which provide additional nutritional benefits.
  • What is the extraction process used?
  • Do they provide a complete ingredient list to their products?
  • Is their product certified with the U.S. Hemp Authority?

Also remember, you are trying to improve your health or a specific condition.  When you are talking to a sales person make sure they are sincerely interested in addressing your concerns and not trying to make a quick sale.  Your sales person should take the time to answer your questions and they should be fully knowledgeable of their products.

Some stores do not specialize in CBD Oil at all.  You will find CBD Oil in departments stores, pharmacies, gas stations, and vape stores.  Chances are they sell isolates or Hemp Seed Oil which does not even contain CBD.


Be sure you know what you are putting in your body.  Retail stores offer convenience of immediate consumption but they may not have the quality oil you expect or be the CBD specialist you think they are.  Chances are you will find the best deal online but will take a few days to get your product.  Remember, the fewer the ingredients the better.  Finding an oil that is U.S. Hemp Authority approved will make your decision an easy one!